HIT Strategy

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Health information technology (HIT) strategy provides a framework to manage health information across computerized systems and its exchange between consumers, providers, government and quality entities, and insurers. It also provides the context from which the EMR evolves, and drives conversations around confidentiality and privacy.

At HDConsult, we believe that the creation and execution of a sustainable, meaningful and relevant HIT strategy requires a comprehensive, integrated approach. HIT strategy must align with, and support, the overall organizational strategy. Strategy leads and health information technology enables.

Furthermore, the impact of the HIT strategy on people, processes, culture, and leadership must be considered and inculcated into the HIT strategic initiatives in order to achieve effective and sustainable outcomes.

Examples of HIT strategic initiatives include:

  • Develop an infrastructure for interoperable EHRs, including privacy, confidentiality, and data standards

  • Provide incentives and create tools to facilitate the adoption of HIT and EHRs in healthcare settings

  • Enhance capacity for the exchange and analysis of EHR data to assess quality of care and improve patient outcomes


Like all strategy, HIT strategy provides a framework for effective and efficient decision making and a road map for progress.  And, like all strategy, HIT strategy should be revisited routinely to ensure that it continues to be relevant to the environment in which it's being applied.


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