What We Do

Starting Out

The history of HDConsult begins with the passion and vision of one man, Doug Bach.  Doug’s passion for health care began while he was an IT executive at a health care payer company that uses a color in it’s name.  During his time helping craft their IT architecture and execution strategy, Doug realized the power that information and information systems have to transform the way health care works.  As this passion grew, Doug realized that his work at a payer organization could only go so far in promoting positive change in the way providers care for their patients.

Doug decided that the health care practice, or even better the exam room, is the best, most effective place to use information technology to help people realize their health potential.  So Doug quit his job and started a consulting company working with health care providers to use technology as a tool to help provide better care for their patients.


Developing an Approach

As Doug and his growing staff worked with more and more practices, he noticed that technology alone could not achieve the change he thought was possible.  While he already knew that technology was only a means and not an end, Doug learned that organizational factors play just as much a role in HIT success as technology issues.  That’s why Doug developed an approach to EMR management that focuses equally on people, process, and technology.  Ultimately, he found that sustainable provider adoption requires all three to work in harmony.


The MU Boom

Doug’s three prong-ed approach matured just in time for the explosion of EMR adoption triggered by the “Meaningful Use” rule issued by the federal government.  Doug and HDConsult worked with a wide variety of public, private, and quasi-governmental stakeholders to help hundreds of providers make it through MU attestation.  This work required applying the HDConsult Approach to EMR Selection, EMR Implementation, EMR Adoption, EMR Optimization, and frequently EMR Conversion.  It also turned out that the Approach worked well in the health information exchange, or interoperability, field that MU helped accelerate, demonstrating the flexibility of the Approach.


The Next Chapter

All this hard work and growth led Doug to look for help with the company.  In 2014, two of Doug’s long-time associates joined the company as co-owners to help Doug run the company and allow Doug to focus on his work helping practices use technology to provide high-quality, efficient patient care.

Don Hanson, a veteran executive with a background in medical billing, software development, and professional services organizations, stepped in to the CEO role.  You can read more about Don at his bio page.  Don now leads HDConsult from a day-to-day perspective.  Don seeks to apply the HDConsult Approach to create a diverse, robust platform for professional service delivery.

Owen Hathaway, an attorney and health info-technologist, stepped in to provide leadership in technology architecture and pragmatic regulatory guidance.  Owen’s background includes executive leadership in e-commerce and media start-ups, health information exchange, HIT non-profit advisory roles, and hospital HIT leadership.  You can read more about Owen at his bio page.


Approaching the Future

In our daily work, we look to apply the HDConsult Approach in a variety of ways.  We don’t necessarily assume that the problems we’re asked to solve are technology problems.  Based on our collective experiences over the years, we truly believe in the power of platform-oriented development.  We’ve applied the HDConsult Approach in many different technology-focused engagements as well as many business-oriented problems.  Moving forward, we’re excited to continue applying the HDConsult Approach in collaboration with our clients as we all face a face a rapidly evolving health care industry together.

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